Integrated Wellbeing Networks are about working together better, and more effectively, to support community wellbeing to continue to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities now and in the future. You can find more by clicking here.


We are currently working with statutory, third sector and community partners on how together we will best support and strengthen wellbeing in our communities as the situation evolves and we adjust to post COVID-19 life. 

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Marietta Evans

Newport’s Wellbeing Networks are currently situated in Pillgwenlly (Pill) and Ringland.

We’re pleased to have involved both local people, and partners from different sectors in our networks. To name a few, we have been working with Pobl Housing Group and Newport City Homes, Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations, charities including Mind and Maindee Unlimited , Newport Live, Gwent Police and different departments and teams within Newport City Council. This diverse representation is an asset to the IWN programme.

Work has also taken place on a Newport wide level, including strategically raising the profile of wellbeing across the city and embedding wellbeing into related agendas including Public Service Board work, Strong Resilient Communities, Safer Green Spaces and Primary Care and Neighbourhood Care Networks (NCNs).

It has been great to see face to face events beginning to take place again in the local community. Events recently have included target archery in Pill (host-ed by Newport Live) and a guided walk for over 50’s (hosted by Living Streets).


In Ringland local residents enjoyed attending a community garden growing event at Ringland Community Hub and woodland activities in Ringland Woods. We look forward to further supporting and promoting these opportunities in the community.

Here’s a selection of some of the exciting work we are planning in Newport:


Carrying out ‘Community Conversations’ with local people. Working with key partners including Pobl Housing Group. This means engaging with local residents and talking to them about their community and what activities they would like to take part in to improve their wellbeing.

We plan to develop further resources to promote local provision ‘What’s on for Wellbeing’ to people living and working in the area.

We hope this will work to secure greater involvement of local people in activities and volunteering locally. This will form an interactive Wellbeing Web Portal alongside a promotional social media campaign.

Working with partners to develop a range of community hubs as Wellbeing Centres and Safe Havens

Continuing to work with a range of com-munity venues and hubs to increase opportunities and services happening ‘on a place basis, with essential services incorporated in a central location.

Pilot a green prescribing project in the 2 NCN areas in Newport

We’re working with GP’s and other front line staff to promote the benefits of nature and exercise to the communities we serve.