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Healthy Blaenavon

Healthy Blaenavon’ provides a framework for the well-being collaborative in this community. It is a social movement with a set of principles and a brand with which local organisations and the community can associate activities that improve their health and well-being. The Healthy Blaenavon Officer is employed by Blaenavon Town Council but works with partners and people across the town. The movement is supported by Torfaen Public Service Board with all partners committed to testing place-based working that engages the community in improving the health and wellbeing of the town.

As we move into the fourth year of the initiative partners are working closely together to learn the lessons so far and plan for the future of Healthy Blaenavon. The visual minutes at the top of this page summarise our discussion at a meeting held in February 2022. The presentation from this meeting can be found here.

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Blaenavon Resource Centre - More than health care

The film below illustrates how a team of services worked together to provide a holistic offer to the community of Blaenavon before the COVID 19 pandemic. We are now working to collaborate across services in a different way and forward planning for recovery. Find the latest centre timetable here

If you would like to know more about Healthy Blaenavon and how to get involved you can                   e-mail Rebecca Smith, Healthy Blaenavon Officer on

Before the COVID pandemic, Blaenavon Resource Centre was developing as a multi-use building where members of the community could access a range of support including advice on housing, employment and finance. Both the community and partners fed back that this was a useful resource and as we emerge from the pandemic we are working with CARGO Interiors to design the communal area in a way that improves this multi-agency offer. We welcome feedback on the proposals which you can view here. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the project please email Emma Davies-McIntosh

What's on in Blaenavon?

It's work in progress to have a single place for information on what activities take place across Blaenavon including sports clubs, arts classes, faith services and other leisure and recreational activities. This is even more challenging as we emerge from the pandemic as much has changed. We’ve made a start on our Healthy Blaenavon website but we know that there is so much more! If you would like people to know about the activity you run why not register on Connect Torfaen


​​We are working with Torfaen Voluntary Alliance to promote this site as the place to go to find information on local activities.