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Integrated Wellbeing Networks work collectively to help sustain and improve wellbeing in our communities. 

They start with what we already have; building on what’s strong, and working together with the unique strengths and assets that exist in our communities:

  • OUR PEOPLE          Their experience, relationships, knowledge and skills

  • OUR PLACES          Our healthy places and community assets

  • OUR PROVISION    The wellbeing support and activities provided by services and groups

Integrated Wellbeing Networks (IWNs) currently operate in selected areas in Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Newport, and Torfaen with work in those areas tailored appropriately to local priorities.


Find out more about the background and preparatory work for IWNs by clicking here

About this site

On this site, there is information on the work in those localities in the Community Wellbeing section, together with more details on specific IWN and associated wellbeing initiatives, such as Wellbeing Friends, and Wellbeing Support (including links to the Melo​ mental wellbeing support website and CWTSH creative wellbeing activities).


In addition, currently, there is also a specific section on the work in which the IWN programme is involved to support responses to the COVID pandemic and community recovery. Click on the panels below or use the site menu above.


Finally, you can use Dewis to find the wellbeing resources available in your area by clicking hereor on the Dewis Cymru button in the footer below.